Associate Software Engineer (Core Backend)


May 2017 - April 2018, Jakarta, Indonesia
Tags go mysql postgresql mongodb aerospike redis travis buddy-works google-cloud-pubsub docker kubernetes openAPI-3 kurio

Roles and Responsibility

  • Developing Targeted Feed by user’s attributes, together with our ML team, we make a targeted feed based on user’s attributes like gender, age, and interest. My job is to find a Database that fit our cases, so I choose Aerospike at that time.

  • Help Machine Learning Team to Develop Targeted (personalized) Push Notification. Instead, to send push notification to all user with the same content, we try to send push notification based on user interest, gender, and age.

  • Develop the Kurio API v2 migrating from PHP to Go (Golang) from scratch. When developing this, I learn many things about tuning-up the API’s performance in Golang, including avoiding memory leaks in Golang.

  • Helping Integrate CI/CD to all projects

Articles and Publication

Iman Tumorang
Software Engineer